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Exclusive Motherhood Session

Don't miss out on the LIMITED EDITION photoshoot. New sets for 2023 will come soon!

Enjoy being pampered and capture beautiful images with the ones you love. 

Only for bookings in March, and photoshoots are up to May.


The Experience

So often, we seem to forget to capture the most important person in our lives, our mothers, who are there for us. These limited-edition sessions focus on Mothers, Mom-to-be, Grandmothers, Daughters and children.  Dads are always welcome to join in, but we are here to celebrate the beauty of being a mom. In this session, we take the time to pamper mom and make her feel like the queen she is, giving her an unforgettable portrait experience and Fine Art images that last a lifetime.  We promise these art pieces will be cherished for generations to come.

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Congratulations on your motherhood!  I would love to capture your beautiful

memories that will be passed down from one generation to the next!



My name is Rosio and I'm an accredited professional portraiture photographer, based out of Toronto, Ontario. As a mother, I know how quickly kids change and grow. My goal is to ensure that you will have a wonderful experience during the photoshoot and breat artwork to showcase throughout your home.

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BRONZE - TPM 2021 Image Award Distinctio
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1 . Designing your Dream Session

Motherhood sessions include a choice of couture gowns from our exclusive client closet, three sets specially prepared for this year. Every client starts with a one-on-one consult, either in person or online.  We will discuss wardrobe, mackup&hair, and backdrop options, giving you a walkthrough of what to expect on the day of your portrait session. Optional to add more participants, have more professional makeup&hair done at the studio or your home, and have more time for your shoot (recommended for more than 5 participants). 

2 . The Photoshoot

Everything is prepared beforehand, so you only need to come to the studio and enjoy your time. At the studio, we have a comfy couch, treats and beverages for the family and a play area for the kids. We photograph groups and individual shoots as well. You will have 60 to 90 minutes for professional makeup and hair application + the time of the photoshoot. I will fully guide you through the entire process.